Each project for our studio is a solution of new tasks, search of the fresh ideas, combinations.

In this project the design has been developed proceeding from features of the small room and a difficult configuration of walls. On the area of 35 sq.m. it was necessary to place a certain number of groups of jewelry and separate visually group of jewelry with diamonds, external showcases and of course to make a convenient functional cash zone.

The wall on the right behind a cash desk is 3D-construction from triangles, on the one side of which is the logo, the other side is painted in rich burgundy color. When a person enters the store on a wall he sees a logo, when leaves – sees a wall of burgundy color. The same effect on the wall at the left, but between the triangles are built showcases-cubes.

On the center there are two tables with sliding showcases, behind them the near-wall equipment with two levels. The buyer from far away sees a vertical case, having approached closer he also sees a small table with sliding horizontal showcases. The layout of jewelry is visually perceived better when there is a trading equipment of several levels. In this shop there are three levels at which the person considers jewelry: showcases-cubes, vertical shelves, horizontal sliding showcases and tables in the middle of the hall.

The shop has turned out rather functional and capacious, with ergonomically convenient passes. As the main source of lighting were chosen built-in LEDs, as additional – pendant lights-balls, which added attractiveness to the shop.

Besides design of the store we have developed a logo and have picked up brand colors for a new jewelry brand.

We thank for productive cooperation a management and all involved in the project implementation of a jewelry store “GOLDENS” in Kazan.

Project author: Anastasia Beregova.

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