Display and format

Approximately 72% of visitors decide to purchase after viewing Windows. Correct display of jewels causes pleasant associations. Positive emotions want to extend. Therefore, a person buys ornament, wanting to realize their profound aspirations.

The selection of marketing strategy depends on the format of a jewelry store. Trade in the sectors of: 

    • the mass-market; 
    • Middle-market; 
    • Prestige-market;

differs significantly.

In the first case, 80% of the storefronts this tablet display. Only 20% takes the composite properties. In brand stores all the goods can be presented to the composition.
Types of jewelry display allow the buyer to understand the value of the goods. Thus, visually distinguishes between exclusive products with high value and goods of mass demand.

6 principles of Visual marketing jewelry

Buyer short of a few seconds to evaluate the situation and take a decision. Therefore you need to delay its consideration the creation of accents and psychological thought showcases.


  1. View the consumer moves from left to right. Accordingly, in the upper-right corner of the hot zone is created. In her place:
    • the most promoted products;
    • novelties;
    • exclusive products.

Cold zone or blind spot is located in the left part of the Cabinet bottom. It effectively employs promotional offers and information printing.

In Arab countries it is the opposite. Because the sales region should be taken into account;

  1. View focuses simultaneously for a maximum of 9 things. Therefore, tablet display is ineffective. The consumer gets lost in a large variety of goods. The best display of jewelry this minimalist version. Enough to lay out some of the most expressive representatives of collection. In this case, require high activity vendors to provide the client the entire range;
  1. Group display items in separate classes, prices, material products and inlays. Separation is created using:
    • space;
    • decorative elements;
    • POS items.
  1. Install the most popular products at eye level the buyer. That's roughly 150-160 cm. In this segment, the hosts popular products with high margins. For this sector, the client determines the image of the store, its image;
  1. Decor is pulsed magnet of attention. His role in the emphasis on the jewelry item. Because the artwork is located behind the demonstration racks.

Our Studio masters. They know all the subtleties of psychological perception, color effects and modern principles of trade. Selling display at a jewelry store is our job. Contact us and increase your profits.

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