In October 2014 in Moscow took place the X International jewelry exhibition “JUNWEX” , this action is considered one of the most memorable event in the city. Here reigns the atmosphere of art and precious chic. At the exhibition residents and guests of the capital purchase precious jewelry with guaranteed quality and the prices from producers. The companies-participants present their products on the arranged showcases, it is done not by all companies, but now more and more companies resort to the help of professionals. Design of jewelry showcases in Russia only gains steam, therefore those companies, which apply for services of designers, won on  brand memorability at the expense of the interesting courses in window dressing.

Our international studio of a jewelry window dressing “Goldinni” developed the concept of design for “SOKOLOV JEWELRY”. This company develops jewelry, uniting the advanced Swiss technologies and accuracy with the Russian spirit of creativity and virtuosity of execution. Work on all directions is conducted by Russian and Swiss experts for creation jewelry of exclusive quality.

Our task was to design showcases and to develop decorative elements for the stand. We needed to reflect in the design slogan “Open a Hunting Season”, connect it with a symbol of the company – a falcon, and also to reflect autumn theme of exhibition. As window dressing we have offered a light box with the image of feathers which soar in a showcase. In some showcases feathers whirled as autumn leaves, in some they softly went down on the earth. Window dressing was supported by images on displays in the demonstration equipment. Jewelry in showcases looked in “the best light”. What is regarding reflection of autumn theme, we have offered decorative panels from acrylic with internal illumination. Figured cutting of acrylic in the form of leaves very enlivened the exhibition stand.

It is pleasant to work with the company which likes to bring in its business something new and fresh.

We wish success and prosperity “SOKOLOV JEWELRY” and invite to cooperation the jewelry companies.

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