Window dressing of jewelry stores has its own specifics because of the small size of a jewelry and special rules of the presentation. In Europe the jewelry window dressing has rich history, exactly there it is possible to see the best showcases. What is regarding Russia, there aren’t enough experts who can propose the “correct” and interesting solutions of designing jewelry showcases.

Anyway before starting designing of external jewelry showcases it is necessary to understand to what concept the shop adheres.

But nevertheless the jewelry industry doesn’t stand still, and together with it appear interesting solutions of design both interior and external showcases of jewelry stores. The external show-window of jewelry salon should be well lit, if on a showcase jewelry is exposed, then it is possible the unique design of the demonstration equipment, the showcase can be selling and can broadcast on image posters models of jewelry. Anyway before starting designing of external jewelry showcases it is necessary to understand to what concept the shop adheres. Specialists of our studio will develop for you the acceptable scheme of lighting in a show-window so that it shouldn’t go unnoticed. Practice shows that competent scheme of lighting and availability of the unique or attractive demonstration equipment is not always enough, here it is necessary to manage to reflect such special line that which will distinguish you against the background of competitors. In addition to all listed it is necessary to add technology of execution which will be remembered to the passing by people and they will surely visit your shop.

With regards to design of jewelry showcases inside the store all design shall go from zoning of shop and the presentation of commodity groups, accounting type of layout, design of the trading and demonstration equipment. Showcases for jewelry can be a certain design within the general concept of an outlet what can considerably distinguish shop from many others. You can buy jewelry showcases and counters or order the production of jewelry showcases, it’s up to you. Of course the production of equipment costs more than standard, but the jewelry shop is a place where sell emotions therefore here you shouldn’t save on making not just good impression about shop, but also to affect outlet memorability. We have experience not only in designing of the unique trading and demonstration equipment, but also in production that is a distinctive benefit. We are able to realize our ideas qualitatively and in time!

About the jewelry showcases

We will develop for your store or boutique the concept of window dressing, proceeding from a format, your wishes and the latest European trends in the design of jewelry showcases, develop the optimum scheme of illumination of a jewelry showcase and effective demonstration and trading equipment. Turning to us, you get a window dressing for your target audience and your store format, and the trading equipment will “work” long time for image of the shop.

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