Demonstration equipment for jewelry is intended for the layout of jewelry in shop or at exhibition. This demonstration equipment was developed proceeding from a price segment of jewelry and a purpose of the equipment.

Initially was formed the list from a certain quantity of items, which surely have to be in a showcase, then has been made the decision on color scale of the equipment. Within the project specialists of the international studio GOLDINNI have developed 3 options of design of the demonstration equipment from which has been chosen and finished the final variant. Much attention has been paid to fastenings of jewelry and transformation of the layout. This set of equipment can be used without back vertical support, it is possible to spread out on more wide showcase at the expense of a small podium which is on the main podium.

After the statement of design have been picked up concrete materials for production of the equipment. Zebrano wood in combination with velveteen of black color and an impregnation of metal of gold color are successfully combined and quite presentably present jewelry.

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