Jewelry has to conform to higher esthetic requirements, than other goods. Everything has to be at the proper level, both the layout and the demonstration equipment.

Demonstration equipment is often chosen from the catalogs, preferably light colors, in many stores it is possible to see the same design of the equipment.

Our studio develops unique design of the demonstration equipment, proceeding from assigned tasks. It can be demonstration equipment for chain stores, international jewelry exhibitions, show- rooms.

Appearance of the equipment depends on several factors:

  • -business tasks;
  • -costs of jewelry;
  • the number of objects in a set.

Initially we develop two versions of the demonstration equipment, proceeding from the technical task, trends, new materials and fastenings and also fashionable tendencies and of course technical and ergonomic characteristics.

After the statement of one of options we prepare drawings of the equipment for implementation of the project. We also choose materials in which the equipment will be executed.

At the exit our client receives a necessary batch of the unique demonstration equipment that will meet all the tasks set at the beginning of designing, will differ from the demonstration equipment of competitors and emphasize beauty of jewelry.

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