One of the main tasks of Visual Merchandising is a spectacular presentation, each of the submitted products should be presented in the most favorable light, with the possibility of exploring it from several directions. Today in Russia there are several factories that produce new collections each year, demonstration equipment, can be ordered from the same collection in different materials and in any quantity.

       Not rare situation where competing stores use the same collection of demonstration equipment, the buyer often distinguishes one store from another only by means of printed items, and display equipment, made in individual design can significantly improve the Visual representation of the product, through demonstration equipment can increase brand awareness, recall that in jewelry stores internationally renowned brands display equipment of a certain design designed to showcase the jewelry brand.

Demo equipment can have multiple purposes. One of them is the demo group with display for image submission at external display cases or inside stores, but as a stand-alone unit with compositional layout. Here we will see the tiered display with an advertising display and unique design of demonstration equipment. Such groups are working on both the image and to increase the purchase receipt, because We see the entire collection complete, rather than a single decoration. This kind of design sets demonstration equipment plays a big role, because companies need to remember it, so here it is better to produce unique equipment.

       If we consider the calculation at a jewelry store a large square, where are presented all types of jewelry, then here is better and more economical will use the finished demonstration equipment, which can be easily purchased later.

If we deal with the jewelry brand and the store offers unique jewelry design, in this case, it is proposed to consider the option of manufacturing by individual design. Often the question arises about the process and manufacturing equipment.

          In the first phase, we provide 3d from 2 up to 4 variants of design of equipment, and then working on one of the options in more detail, just labeling materials, from which it will be possible to produce the equipment, and then we prepare the technical specifications for manufacture, make drawings, measure the cost of manufacturing multiple stories, do a test kit. The customer already at the first stage (stage design) can in volume from multiple angles to see all the advantages of the equipment, make corrections if necessary. Similar equipment in subsequent drawings can be produce in different materials and what you want.

      Jewelry will be uploaded on a unique demonstration equipment and will look different, even if your range will be close to what competitors in nearby shop or if this exhibition the neighboring booth. This kind of equipment will reveal all the facets of merit decorations for your audience and delivered by those means that are acceptable for your niche, your brand will be identified on the basis of analyses and additional POS-materials, rather than only signboard and name.

Timing design of demonstration equipment project from idea to manufacturing drawings constitute no more than 10 working days.


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