In this project our task was to develop a logo, corporate design, and also to finalize the concept of design of souvenirs and jewelry shop. First of all it was carried out the analysis of a costumer flow, proceeding from which we finished appearance of a trading equipment. Further it was conducted work on development of a logo and a corporate color, which in the subsequent has been applied on the central element of the equipment, on lateral sides of a facade and on a uniform of sellers. To make the store cozier we designed lamp shades, which have been produced specially for this shop.

Jewelry department in the store was allocated by a separate entrance and a signboard. The visual merchandiser has picked up the demonstration equipment and has built in 3D scheme display of goods, proceeding from the estimated assortment.

Services provided:

  • Development of a logo for an outlet

  • Development of a corporate pattern

  • Completion of the design concept

  • Design of a form for sellers

  • Work with the jewelry layout, consultations on general layout

Selection of lighting

  • Selection of illumination

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