We present to your attention the new jewelry brand “Brosco Jewelry” developed in studio “Goldinni”. The first flagman shop was opened in St. Petersburg on Nevsky Prospect.

Combination of jewelry art with elements of landscape design in addition with deep saturated terracotta color and shades of a light wood is a base concept.

Work on the project included development of a logo, selection of branded color combinations, further it was developed the concept, design project and appearance of the branded demonstration equipment (now the demonstration equipment at a production stage). In the interior there are several types of trading equipment: the near-wall equipment with sliding podiums, sliding showcases-niches in a wall, showcases-tables on the middle of each hall and showcases-cubes.

As priority type of the layout has been chosen composite, that it was possible to show jewelry to the best advantage. For chain stores was developed corporate design of demonstration equipment.

External showcases of shop embellish decorative cages with jewelry and branded packaging. The general illumination of shop does it very noticeable from the side of the street and I hope, won’t leave indifferent Petersburgers and city guests.

On behalf of the International studio of jewelry window dressing “Goldinni” I want to wish to the jewelry brand “Brosco” prosperity and growth!

Article author: Anastasia Beregova.

Designer: Anastasia Beregova.

Photo: Anastasia Tulusova.

Services provided:

- Logo development
- Development of the concept design of retail space
- Design-project and all necessary drawings
- Design of demonstation equipment
- Architectural supervision

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