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Clearance jewelry stores greatly differs from the design of the shoe store or department store, at least because buying jewelry is often planned and the number of impulse shopping here is not large, which cannot be said about the clothing stores. Jewelry are not the goods of daily demand, and that is why it is important to initially define the essential components such as format, store location, target audience and assortment policy.

Thinking about opening a jewelry store, you need to decide what strategy will adhere to the shop. Maybe it will be the lowest price in town or you will offer unique merchandise and present its not standard way in special atmosphere is possible, a third option-the average price level for broad segments of the population, because the accessible price of jewellery, so more people can afford to purchase.

Where do you begin design jewelry store? Of course, with the development of the title and concept design. The concept is the basic idea of decoration that will highlight your jewelry store from competitors ' stores, but it must be remembered that the entire interior should serve as the backdrop for jewelry and have to purchase. Getting started with the concept of the need to answer questions such as:

  • "What to sell?" we need to understand what range will be available in store.
  • "How to sell?" Define pricing policy and store format.
  • "Where to sell?" determine the location and size of the outlet.

Jewellery store project is inextricably linked with the visual merchandising. It is impossible to develop a design project, not considering the range of commercial neighborhood and consumer thread. At a jewelry store there are clear rules, without regard for which the entire design project can turn into a decoration.

In design jewelry store includes such important components as interior and exterior decoration of shop Windows, façade, design and placement of commercial equipment, appearance, demonstration equipment, competently designed under specific lighting scheme format, and of course visual merchandising.

Про дизайн магазинов

The specialists of our company have extensive experience in Visual Merchandising, jewelry, familiar with the latest technologies and materials, we make jewelry companies showcases jewelry exhibitions, have experience in the design and manufacture of unique equipment for boutiques and show rooms. Clearance jewelry shops should trust the professionals. We work throughout Russia and abroad.

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