Jewelry-not the first demand and changed during the crisis approach retailers to sales to jewelry, presentation to the format offered by stores.  To gain insight into the most important issues relating to the work of a jewelry store, you can participate in a Webinar on the topic:

"Success criteria modern jewelry store"

The date of the Webinar (online broadcast): 22 November 2016goda 12:00 (MSC), -3 2.5 hours duration

Participation costs 2900 BYR

Program Webinar:


1. Trends in the Russian jewelry retail

2. Criteria for a successful jewelry store

Partition1 visual merchandising. Jewelry display

1. General visual merchandising. Placement of commercial equipment in a trading Hall,

Zoning space relative to the direction of consumer flow

2. Types of calculations (flatbed, composite, mixed)

3. Basic rules for calculations

4. Display equipment:

-species characteristics;

-selection of demonstration equipment catalogues;

-the order and manufacturing of individual equipment. Review the materials used for the manufacture of equipment

5. recommendations for the calculation of the jewelry. For whom? For what?

6. Composition in the showcase as part of the store Interior

7. shares in the store. Where and how to talk about stocks in a trading Hall

8. decor in the window:

-equivalent design showcases;

-the basic rules of design showcases in Hall

Chapter2 shop equipment

1. Types of commercial equipment and presentation rules decorations in them

2. Trends in designing jewelry stores

Chapter3 exterior Decoration of showcases

1. Exterior storefront-free advertising platform

-exterior decorations analogues showcases;

-types of exterior showcases (one-way/two-way, closed/open)

Section 4 Lighting in jewelry store

The role of lighting in shop Windows and shopping Hall

-Basic errors in the placement of light fixtures on the ceiling;

-recommendations on the range of lighting, general degree of illumination

Webinar conducts Beregova Anastasia-retail Designer, creator and Manager of the international Studio jewelry retail GOLDINNI

Main clients: jewellery company Sokolov jewelry, jewelry shopping network Brosco, yuvelirnyj Zavod "Sanis" jewelry plant "Diamant", yuvelirnoe predpriyatie "Klondike" jewelry company, "Myriad", a chain of jewelry stores "elita", yuvelirnyj Zavod "Urals" Jewelers, jewelry company, "Ûvelirtorg".

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